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Betsy Scott

Actor  Singer  Dancer



Betsy Scott (she/her) is an actor, singer, dancer from Bay City, Michigan. She was raised in a midwest musical household where she frequently moved the kitchen table to perform concerts for her family. At the ripe age of 5, Betsy watched her first episode of Hannah Montana and firmly decided that she would be a pop star when she grew up. Her big ambitions led her to start acting in community theater, alongside her mom and her younger brother, where she uncovered her love of storytelling. 

Her passions led her to the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama where she played a variety of roles such as Hamlet, the devious Morgan in Godspell, and the witty Touchstone in As You Like It. Betsy’s dance skills earned her the spot of dance captain in multiple CMU shows. She thrived choreographing for her school’s annual Dance/Light festival and participated every year. Her senior dance composition celebrated feminine strength and sensuality while combining genres of ballet and hip hop. 

Betsy’s lifelong journey with diabetes has brought her resiliency, balance, self discipline, and a unique perspective. Despite the many challenges inherent to living with and managing diabetes, Betsy has  learned the adaptive behaviors and attitudes necessary to claim ownership over her condition. These lessons follow her into all of her endeavors which she showers with her bubbly and optimistic worldview.


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